Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

A beautiful night of peace and serenity for us, blessed always with the love and love of God!

Sweet night … may we rest in the serenity of peace and strengthen our faith … in the hope of a new day of blessings and joys!

Beautiful Night of Peace!
It’s time to calm down and let the tranquility embrace the heart and dream!

another day full of emotions that comes to an end! A beautiful weekend coming …Good Night Quotes For Her  a lot of harmony and serenity for you!

time to calm down and let the peace of God take care of our dreams, to have faith and hope for a new week full of blessings!

Cute Good Night Quotes For Her

Sweet Night of Peace!
In each light a request, in every charm a prayer … either for peace … for hope … for love … for humility … for fraternity … or for our faith! Eternal and unshakeable trust in God! Kisses and affections angels!

and once again the lights come on … a prayer of hope and gratitude, for days of peace, blessing and joys! Good dreams!

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In my thoughts I have spoken much of you to God.

Tune in to serenity, love and harmony … and rest your dreams with hope and faith in a radiant dawn

Beautiful night angels! With joy and peace, a wonderful day is gone and all the blessings are kept in the heart … in order to make us better every day! Good rest and a fondness in the soul!

Beautiful night of peace!
And another light of hope, for good, for peace, for love, shines brightly! We have received with faith this blessed night of rest and harmony!

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A hug of hope, a desire for peace, a care for the soul! A blessed week of light has arrived! Gratitude in the heart, serenade

The night is a good opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the fights the next day. Have a good night!

Best Good Night Quotes For Her

A good soldier needs only two things: a good weapon and a good reason.

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Beautiful night for all of us angels! ☆ • *
Time to calm the heart, to thank for this beautiful day that we had … carry in the soul the blessings and the hopes! ☆ • *
✿ ✿ Kisses and a special
affection for you

As you move from the stars back and forth in the sky remember, no matter how many there are thousands. There’s always the one that catches our attention. Right?

a moment of silence … Prayer in the heart … May God look … take care and bless
Each soul that cries out for his mercy!

Sweet night angels!
A blessed day that comes to an end, therefore gratitude for all the blessings and learning, let only what is happy be recorded, what has done us good! Good rest … sweet dreams!
Harmony and peace!

“On the way to a new day, we yearn to watch the sun rise
, but it is the stars that lead you to the dawn, and God who so graciously keeps the moon,
as the Light of the World will enlighten you.

A warmth of peace … beautiful gratitude in the heart for this wonderful day we had! Good rest … serenity on this blessed night that cherishes our soul!

❝ … for you a blessed night … tranquility … peace and serenity … strengthening your hopes for a dawn of joys … of happiness and victories … coming weekend … that is full In blessings and harmony