Genetically we can inherit color of skin, eyes and hair, intelligence, artistic ability, etc., but we also have inherited from our family vibration and deeper belief in the truths of life and spiritual trends. Of course, all this does not fully define our lives because we have free will and we have a gift and not use it, but a negative predisposition can greatly compromise the liberation of the mind which consequently releases the karma.

Yes! Our mind can free ourselves of karma, which is usually related to our actions and their consequences. Everything in our lives has a connection!

Every human being when facing pain want her to break free. This is as natural as shake the hand of a burning coal. But in practice we do not have this freedom of action. We know the suffering, but compromised by our way of thinking and facing life were imprisoned him. Only we can effectively heal us when we suffer, when that which causes us suffering ceases to vibrate in our subtle body. Anyway when we understand at all levels of our being what makes us suffer and choose not to get carried away by suffering …

I see many people complaining of mother and father, family, social and financial conditions that had to deal with the birth leaving to consider that there are because of their soul tendencies feeling victims of an unfortunate fate. We cannot forget that the spiritual ascent, or the improvement of our soul we need to grow in our difficulties and similar to a seed that under the land find the strength to break free of the shell, we need within us find the green shoot of liberation.

The material and biological plan is connected to vibrational plane, which is connected to the mind, with the behavior and the emotions we have. Basically, the dimensions of our being once analyzed in full, keep records and information that are part of our personal experience of context.

There is no chance sickness, poverty or abandonment. We are born where our energy led us. Like a car that needs to be fixed in a mechanical stop where we are faced with others on equal terms and unhappiness we forget that every effort will be rewarded and soon return to tread our path with confidence.

Well if we are born into a family that has a tendency to suffer what fits us to do? Continue equal to our parents? Or rebel as teenagers shouting from the rooftops that we will never be like them?

spoiled brats act thus making tantrum not willing to accept the limitations that parents impose. Often we seem to them. We do not accept the destination, the action of the people in our lives and we whimpering because of everything that happens to us, we lost the divine connection, we cannot access the liberating forgiveness and blame the world around us by our failure.

The Ascended Masters teach that to receive a new quantum energy you need to reach out and open the mind to more positive actions. In the certainty that even in a family troubles and complicated, you can do different when you open your heart and transform their own behavior.

They also teach that our spiritual predisposition can be accelerated to positive forces through the release of the most loving and lucid mental process. Their words are fluidity, lightness, freedom.

And believe me: DNA changes are possible through vibration change, and it happens when we open the mind and heart!