10 Steps To Learn With Crises


You know when things do not fit? When you do not feel well at work, it is not cool with the family, when you look at yourself and realize that everything is strange, questioning their clothes, their training, their affective choices and etc???

Yeah! These feelings that make us so much harm are called: existential crisis and existential crisis is part of evolution!

The fact is that living an existential crisis when you question what is around you, can be an incredible boost to take on new positions, find other ways to break with routine, or unhappy relationship, and find the light itself!

Not to conform to the limits of existence, and question the world as it is, it ends up being something very healthy, why just look to the side and realize that our world is not healthy. Many lies, selfish interests, lack of love and respect for the environment and so we follow …

So, do not want to follow this path, not a part, and not feed this system is a good thing!

At one time or another thing did not go well for real, and need to be changed, even by that do not change by themselves. No use letting the time go expecting beautiful changes in our lives if we do nothing. The changes come from our choices, we assume feelings, emotions and our Relate of daring on our walk is super healthy, show humility in the reflection is very cool, but after a certain point, reflecting, say nothing, do not take an attitude, can be just as above.

So, you want to have a different life? If you assume and make it happen! It’s time for you to figure out how to change where your energy will do something new, well and truly high.

Here are some steps for you to turn your moment of crisis in a moment of self-love, self-esteem, self-forgiveness!

  1. Look at things as they are to solve, be honest with yourself;
  2. Focus on the good, even when you see a mess or dissatisfaction;
  3. Accept questioning;
  4. When things are bothering you, have a reason, do not throw dirt under the carpet;
  5. The changes come from our choices, so watch what you are choosing;
  6. Do not be afraid to put your feelings, not to hurt people, but remember to live a healthy limit, no one will be happy always fighting, fighting for his place, not defending its truths … Calm with his vision of what is right or not. Before speaking, put love in the heart;
  7. Humility always up to see if it’s right or wrong what you are feeling;
  8. Question your wishes, your values, the need to be part of the “system,” but understand that there is a limit to be contrary. You need to find your strength, your profession, your way of making money, and time to do this will have to accept certain conditions that apparently are not ideal;
  9. Work with self-forgiveness to go cleaning your energy, accepting your family, your karma, your relationships, all that is in your life as it is because you chose these challenges before birth to win one more stage;
  10. Discomfort yes, not rebellion. elevated souls go through apprenticeships, and even those still without understanding must evolve, and evolve our winning tests.

Meditate and understand what is bothering you, and change what is possible now and get ready for a new personal moment with hope, peace and light!