How To Make Eyebrows Final Perfect, Step By Step!

How To Make Eyebrows Final Perfect, Step By Step!

Eyebrows have always had a prominent place in his expression. They reveal even the state of mind of people. Doubt? It is true! Who never frowned when he was angry?

And note well when someone gives a happy laugh. When people laugh they extend in our face revealing the happy expression. Any woman knows the importance of a well-designed eyebrow.
Being with her well-made is relevant at the time of release that look fatal, or charming or seductive. It has bid that does not scroll if the wires are not at whim.

For all this it is that we need to look after them carefully and caprice. For after all, contribute to the harmony of our face, our eyes frame promoting its beauty.

For each type of face one Eyebrow
One thing we do not think and that is on the face, is that we would not be the same without our eyebrows, is not it? Know that each is suited to a particular type of face. These wires, so well arranged and united, living on our eyes, define the design of our face.

The first thing to think about is drawing. Each type of face requires a certain format. An important point that is worth commenting on is that your eyebrow should match your persona, with your way of being. Therefore, notice what looks good for every type of face.

Who has a face:

  • • Rounded – Do not let the thin eyebrow, because it causes the face print further round
    • Ovalado- This type asks arched wires
    • Quadrado- should have a right and ends one curving drawing, a little sharper
    • Largo- never tune in excess. When finishes, they cause more broad forehead print

If your eyes are wide apart and clean the bottom of them and not use them in very arched shape.
If you make your eyebrow for the first time, seek help from a professional. He can make the right design, which later will be easier for you to follow.

Even those who already have a defined design, you may seek to perfect the design. Currently there are many techniques that make your eyebrow a remarkable work of art.
But if you want to do them yourself, see the tips below:

How do Eyebrows

First you must sterilize the tweezers with a little alcohol.

  • • Wash your face with soap and water. Dab. This is good to avoid skin irritation
    • You will need a place with a good mirror, clear, with plenty of light
    • Now it’s time to measure so that the design is correct. Use this for an eyebrow pencil. With it you will measure and score 3 points
    • To the starting point, put the base of the pencil on the nose tab and see where you should start your eyebrow. Check here the first point
    • For the second point put the pencil on the nose tab dobbin and mark where it should be the highest point
    • Continue with the pencil on the nose flap fold and place it diagonally, then marking the point where you must finish your eyebrow
    • Now draw with the pencil eyebrow. A good idea and pass a white pencil on the part where the hair will be removed. This helps in the delineation of the hairs to be pulled by the tweezers
    • Using the tweezers, pulling the wires go. Starting from the outside if you are only cleaning the area. If you are defining a format, first make the inside
    • Comb the brows with a brush, to see where the little hair that lack taking
    • Look in the mirror and cover with pencil, very lightly, the failures that happened were.Swipe and Blur pencils risks, to become more natural

Eyebrow henna & Eyebrow final wire to wire
Currently there are diverse techniques to shape, correct or improve an eyebrow. And it is misleading to think that the result is artificial and forged.

These well done when procedures are the most successful and produce excellent work. They are techniques to modify a look or expression embellishing the face.