10 Sentences Of The Little Prince That Are Beautiful Life Lessons

Sentences of The Little Prince Antoine of Saint-Expiry are shared and played worldwide.

What may go unnoticed, it is that behind every beautiful phrase of the book there are valuable life lessons, truly important for personal growth of all of us.

1. You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.

When a person creates ties to another, whether for friendship or love, that connection becomes a liability. You have to care for and nurture the relationship, so that the feeling does not end.

2. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

Many people close and protect themselves, away from the others. This message from The Little Prince encourages people to create more links, more bridges, feeding the closeness and friendship, fighting loneliness.

3. We run the risk of crying a little when it leaves captivate.

Create links with others has its risks and you never know if we suffer. But let’s be honest. The happiness that a friendship or love brings us, compensates all, right?

4. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others.

Criticize and judge when we are out of a situation is much easier than looking into us. Often we criticize others for what we ourselves also do but cannot see. So, do not point the finger at others and take a few minutes to reflect on their own behavior, always trying to improve!

5. All great people were once children – but few remember it.

In this passage, the author shows that adults become very serious and people concerned with the obligations of everyday life, forgetting the dreams of childhood. Do not forget to be a child once in a while, play, forget the problems and above all, do not leave your side of childhood dreams!

6. It is necessary to require each what each can give.

How often require something other than they never agreed to give? Love and friendship should not live collections! Action or word of affection or friendship only have real value when they arrive naturally, is not it?

7. When we always walk in front, you cannot go too far …

This sentence shows that any situation has many paths. When you try only one loses millions of other possibilities which can lead to an even better result. We need to explore life and the world, create experiences. Just so you will grow and become richer inside

8. Do I need to support two or three larvae if you want to know the butterflies.

Many times we are not available to suffer, even if it is to achieve a greater goal. As the larva turns into a beautiful butterfly, this phrase from The Little Prince shows us that in order to achieve what we want, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice and undergo less good times. Do not worry, when you can see it all worth it!

9. It’s crazy hate all roses because a pricked you.

Often we get scared when something hurts us. But the fact that a friend or love hurt us, does not mean that all will. To be afraid of hurting you may be missing beautiful moments and that, in the author’s words, it is a great folly!

10. Only one sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye.

This sentence teaches us to see beyond appearances, try to understand people, their attitudes, situations and not judge only by what is visible. What is true you cannot see, only feel!