10 Sentences Of The Little Prince That Are Beautiful Life Lessons

10 sentences of the Little Prince that are beautiful life lessons

Sentences of The Little Prince Antoine of Saint-Expiry are shared and played worldwide.

What may go unnoticed, it is that behind every beautiful phrase of the book there are valuable life lessons, truly important for personal growth of all of us.

1. You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.

When a person creates ties to another, whether for friendship or love, that connection becomes a liability. You have to care for and nurture the relationship, so that the feeling does not end.

2. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

Many people close and protect themselves, away from the others. This message from The Little Prince encourages people to create more links, more bridges, feeding the closeness and friendship, fighting loneliness.

3. We run the risk of crying a little when it leaves captivate.

Create links with others has its risks and you never know if we suffer. But let’s be honest. The happiness that a friendship or love brings us, compensates all, right?

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4. It is much more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others.

Criticize and judge when we are out of a situation is much easier than looking into us. Often we criticize others for what we ourselves also do but cannot see. So, do not point the finger at others and take a few minutes to reflect on their own behavior, always trying to improve!

5. All great people were once children – but few remember it.

In this passage, the author shows that adults become very serious and people concerned with the obligations of everyday life, forgetting the dreams of childhood. Do not forget to be a child once in a while, play, forget the problems and above all, do not leave your side of childhood dreams!

6. It is necessary to require each what each can give.

How often require something other than they never agreed to give? Love and friendship should not live collections! Action or word of affection or friendship only have real value when they arrive naturally, is not it?

7. When we always walk in front, you cannot go too far …

This sentence shows that any situation has many paths. When you try only one loses millions of other possibilities which can lead to an even better result. We need to explore life and the world, create experiences. Just so you will grow and become richer inside

8. Do I need to support two or three larvae if you want to know the butterflies.

Many times we are not available to suffer, even if it is to achieve a greater goal. As the larva turns into a beautiful butterfly, this phrase from The Little Prince shows us that in order to achieve what we want, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice and undergo less good times. Do not worry, when you can see it all worth it!

9. It’s crazy hate all roses because a pricked you.

Often we get scared when something hurts us. But the fact that a friend or love hurt us, does not mean that all will. To be afraid of hurting you may be missing beautiful moments and that, in the author’s words, it is a great folly!

10. Only one sees well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eye.

This sentence teaches us to see beyond appearances, try to understand people, their attitudes, situations and not judge only by what is visible. What is true you cannot see, only feel!

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Why Not Buy Animals?

Why not buy animals

We know that our actions influence other beings, human or not … And that, to adopt an animal, make a lot of good for them, to the world and to ourselves, right?

If the adopted animals come from a shelter, a place opens to another needy! If we take on our own, is one less abandoned in the streets … The statistics are sad: the life expectancy of animals living on the streets is only 3 years, compared with 15, 20, if they live in our company!

Furthermore, a couple of animals can give successive generations over 10 years, and 2 calves per year, from 2 to 8 pups per litter. That is, statistically speaking, the end of 10 years, one couple of animals generated a population of 80,799,780 !!!(Source: American Humane Association)

So it is up to us to solve the problem of overpopulation! After all, you do not extend your hand to a friend who asks for help?


10 reasons NOT to buy animals

1- Many puppies from breeding are not treated well before they reach the stores. Many have come to diseases and adverse conditions such as neurological problems, eye problems, hip dysplasia, blood disorders, canine parvovirus, among others.

2 Behavioral problems are also common, arising from indiscriminate breeding. You will also find that the animals sellers may not have any knowledge about the origin of puppies and behavioral characteristics of each race, as well as their respective needs.

3- socialization problems: often the puppies are removed from the litter too early, with only 4 or 5 weeks. The first puppy should be separated from his mother at 8 weeks at least. This lack of socialization time with his brothers means that the animal will not develop skills that are generally learned in this period.

4 Owners of pet stores are usually not experts in a race and often not on pets in general. Buying a puppy in a specialty store does not mean you will have access to all information relevant to animal health and welfare, for example, the seller may not be able to warn you about specific health problems that a particular breed is prone.

5 Most pet stores offer the exchange of guarantee that the animal shows any problems. However, they do not tend to tell customers what the fate of the animal unfit for sale, once returned. And what happens to them then?

6 In most cases, animals in pet shops spend their lives caged, hoping to appear interested. They do not have the opportunity to develop, for example, the natural instinct to make their needs away from their food and bed. This causes problems when you try to teach them.

  1. Buying a puppy in a pet shop, you are encouraging the exploitation of matrices that only serve to play. The procreative females are exploited to serve not more so. And when that happens are, in many cases, abandoned.
  2. Do not give money to animal exploiters! Most puppies that are in stores comes from kennels without origin. Have you ever wondered about how these animals are raised? Often, they are mass reproduction of fruit, money being the main motivation and they are seen and treated as products.
  3. Have you ever wondered why the price of a puppy falls when he gets older? It is because it is becoming a problem. Once we age, its value decreases. Ever wondered what happens to it if it is not sold?

10- There are an infinite number of dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and personalities that need a home. So why not adopt? In Brazil, there are more than 5 million abandoned animals. Unable an adoption, most are destined to live in total abandonment in the streets, where they suffer abuse, cold, hunger and are susceptible to diseases from poor hygiene and poor diet.

So think and ponder. To stimulate this kind of trade is in practice supporting the backyard breeders and traders whose animal welfare is what matters least.



Genetically we can inherit color of skin, eyes and hair, intelligence, artistic ability, etc., but we also have inherited from our family vibration and deeper belief in the truths of life and spiritual trends. Of course, all this does not fully define our lives because we have free will and we have a gift and not use it, but a negative predisposition can greatly compromise the liberation of the mind which consequently releases the karma.

Yes! Our mind can free ourselves of karma, which is usually related to our actions and their consequences. Everything in our lives has a connection!

Every human being when facing pain want her to break free. This is as natural as shake the hand of a burning coal. But in practice we do not have this freedom of action. We know the suffering, but compromised by our way of thinking and facing life were imprisoned him. Only we can effectively heal us when we suffer, when that which causes us suffering ceases to vibrate in our subtle body. Anyway when we understand at all levels of our being what makes us suffer and choose not to get carried away by suffering …

I see many people complaining of mother and father, family, social and financial conditions that had to deal with the birth leaving to consider that there are because of their soul tendencies feeling victims of an unfortunate fate. We cannot forget that the spiritual ascent, or the improvement of our soul we need to grow in our difficulties and similar to a seed that under the land find the strength to break free of the shell, we need within us find the green shoot of liberation.

The material and biological plan is connected to vibrational plane, which is connected to the mind, with the behavior and the emotions we have. Basically, the dimensions of our being once analyzed in full, keep records and information that are part of our personal experience of context.

There is no chance sickness, poverty or abandonment. We are born where our energy led us. Like a car that needs to be fixed in a mechanical stop where we are faced with others on equal terms and unhappiness we forget that every effort will be rewarded and soon return to tread our path with confidence.

Well if we are born into a family that has a tendency to suffer what fits us to do? Continue equal to our parents? Or rebel as teenagers shouting from the rooftops that we will never be like them?

spoiled brats act thus making tantrum not willing to accept the limitations that parents impose. Often we seem to them. We do not accept the destination, the action of the people in our lives and we whimpering because of everything that happens to us, we lost the divine connection, we cannot access the liberating forgiveness and blame the world around us by our failure.

The Ascended Masters teach that to receive a new quantum energy you need to reach out and open the mind to more positive actions. In the certainty that even in a family troubles and complicated, you can do different when you open your heart and transform their own behavior.

They also teach that our spiritual predisposition can be accelerated to positive forces through the release of the most loving and lucid mental process. Their words are fluidity, lightness, freedom.

And believe me: DNA changes are possible through vibration change, and it happens when we open the mind and heart!

15 Natural Foods To Improve Their Performance

15 natural foods to improve their performance

The sporting performance is directly related to what we eat. Besides the food being our fuel, they also help to prevent or cure injuries. Without good nutrition, earnings stagnate and performance is seriously compromised!

In weight, preferably choose foods with the following characteristics:

Low glycemic index (GI): the low – GI foods are those that release slowly and gradually the energy contained in them, thus preventing insulin spikes in blood and fat accumulation.

High protein:  protein is responsible for providing the necessary amino acids for the maintenance of lean body mass and promote muscle growth.

Good fats:  Unsaturated fats and rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 are essential for the proper functioning of the body and help in fat loss.

Foods with fiber:  the fibers provide a good bowel function and promote satiety, slowing the hunger and avoid excessive drinking or eating food out of hours.


The chickpeas can be helpful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, as it promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood. The fat is present in small quantities, but the chickpeas have important nutritional content of good fats such as omega 6 and 9. The chickpeas carbohydrate has a low glycemic index, which is good for people with diabetes and activities of practitioners physical.


The tofu concentrates a good dose of calcium and protein, protecting bones and promoting the necessary conditions in relation to the demand for amino acids for the growth of muscles. It is also rich in B vitamins, iron and magnesium. This mineral last acts in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, fat and prevents cravings for sweets.

The soy cheese is perfect for those who want to gain muscle and for those who want to lose weight without starving!


It has an excellent combination of carbohydrates with low glycemic index and protein. Its promise flour promotes weight loss and reduce blood sugar levels, as this bean protein that inhibits the absorption of glucose from the body is important for the control of diabetes.


Being a good source of protein and fiber, this seed gives feeling of satiety for a longer time and facilitates intestinal transit. By adding chia in the feed, digestive process becomes slower, while avoiding the sensation of hunger immediately following consumption. The chia is also rich in omega 3 and calcium.


Quinoa is a food of high biological value, that is, has all the essential amino acids that our body to function properly. It can be used on grains for preparation of hot dishes and salads or flakes, as a great way to boost your shake pre / post workout and can also be consumed with fruit.


Oats is a cereal with increased protein concentration (20%) and also contains vitamin B5 which assists in the metabolism of various nutrients, hormones and antibody production.
Oats has fibers which delay gastric emptying, providing increased satiety time and increase the volume of the stool, body by decreasing the absorption of cholesterol. This reduces the formation of fat plaques that cause heart disease.


The large property of this food is in the low glycemic index. It contains fibers which are able to give a greater feeling of satiety. Sweet potato has a high rate of vitamin A, which acts as an antioxidant and acts in the maintenance of bone, epithelial tissue and the immune system. It is also rich in B-complex vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.


Rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates. The red or black versions are even better because they have more protein and fiber, which ensure better bowel function, improve glucose uptake and cholesterol, diabetes prevention and reducing the accumulation of fat in the arteries.


The seed has vitamin E, which prevents degenerative diseases and premature aging. It is also composed of anticancer and antioxidant, and fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9), fighting cardiovascular diseases and bad cholesterol. Flaxseed oil is not only an important ally to lose weight, but also, it is important for overall health.


Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, the safflower oil has the property of promoting satiety stimuli to increase the leptin hormone-resistant obese. It contains omega 6 and linoleic acid, which protect against cancer, formation of cholesterol plaque in the arteries and type 2 diabetes.

OIL Primula

Evening primrose seed oil contains gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), vital to relieve inflammation and strengthen the immune system. It also helps to keep the blood flowing freely, reduces high blood pressure, plays an important role in breast cancer reduction, and reduce high cholesterol. GLA also helps energy to the body and supplies the structural fats present in the brain, muscles, bone marrow and cell membranes.


For its antioxidant potential, prevents aging and accelerates muscle recovery process. Green tea can act beneficially in some diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, viral infections, inflammation in degenerative diseases and even cancer. Studies show us that the ideal is to eat the tea leaves.


Consuming goji berry regularly can improve mood and blood pressure. It helps control cholesterol and believe me, it is used even in the treatment of sexual impotence! All this because the goji berry is extremely rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The fruit also highlights the high concentration of vitamins: contains 2500 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of food. They are also rich in vitamins B1, B2 and B6, and vitamin E.


The green coffee beans can help you lose weight in a relatively short period of time combined with healthy eating and exercise. The daily intake of coffee capsules helped a group of overweight and obese to lose weight in a period of six months. The effect of the grains is due to a substance called chromogenic acid present in more not roasted coffee beans.


Mace, Ginseng or the Andes is a plant native cruciferous of the Peruvian Andes Mountains. It has been used since the time of the Incas as a tonic able to increase physical capacity and maintain a healthy body, but gained fame as a stimulant of libido. Furthermore, mace root is able to increase energy and vitality, improve physical and mental performance, maintain a good organic balance and helps restore the energy of the exhausted body.

The vegan diet aimed at better muscle performance contains much of these foods. In practice, we realize that the sweet potatoes and oats are always present both in lean mass gain phase and in the weight loss phase of physically active. The various proteins are interesting to always have the greatest diversity of amino acids. The use of functional foods to speed up metabolism is always interesting when combined with the guidelines of your nutritionist and physical activities.

10 Steps To Learn With Crises


You know when things do not fit? When you do not feel well at work, it is not cool with the family, when you look at yourself and realize that everything is strange, questioning their clothes, their training, their affective choices and etc???

Yeah! These feelings that make us so much harm are called: existential crisis and existential crisis is part of evolution!

The fact is that living an existential crisis when you question what is around you, can be an incredible boost to take on new positions, find other ways to break with routine, or unhappy relationship, and find the light itself!

Not to conform to the limits of existence, and question the world as it is, it ends up being something very healthy, why just look to the side and realize that our world is not healthy. Many lies, selfish interests, lack of love and respect for the environment and so we follow …

So, do not want to follow this path, not a part, and not feed this system is a good thing!

At one time or another thing did not go well for real, and need to be changed, even by that do not change by themselves. No use letting the time go expecting beautiful changes in our lives if we do nothing. The changes come from our choices, we assume feelings, emotions and our Relate of daring on our walk is super healthy, show humility in the reflection is very cool, but after a certain point, reflecting, say nothing, do not take an attitude, can be just as above.

So, you want to have a different life? If you assume and make it happen! It’s time for you to figure out how to change where your energy will do something new, well and truly high.

Here are some steps for you to turn your moment of crisis in a moment of self-love, self-esteem, self-forgiveness!

  1. Look at things as they are to solve, be honest with yourself;
  2. Focus on the good, even when you see a mess or dissatisfaction;
  3. Accept questioning;
  4. When things are bothering you, have a reason, do not throw dirt under the carpet;
  5. The changes come from our choices, so watch what you are choosing;
  6. Do not be afraid to put your feelings, not to hurt people, but remember to live a healthy limit, no one will be happy always fighting, fighting for his place, not defending its truths … Calm with his vision of what is right or not. Before speaking, put love in the heart;
  7. Humility always up to see if it’s right or wrong what you are feeling;
  8. Question your wishes, your values, the need to be part of the “system,” but understand that there is a limit to be contrary. You need to find your strength, your profession, your way of making money, and time to do this will have to accept certain conditions that apparently are not ideal;
  9. Work with self-forgiveness to go cleaning your energy, accepting your family, your karma, your relationships, all that is in your life as it is because you chose these challenges before birth to win one more stage;
  10. Discomfort yes, not rebellion. elevated souls go through apprenticeships, and even those still without understanding must evolve, and evolve our winning tests.

Meditate and understand what is bothering you, and change what is possible now and get ready for a new personal moment with hope, peace and light!

How To Make Eyebrows Final Perfect, Step By Step!

How To Make Eyebrows Final Perfect, Step By Step!

Eyebrows have always had a prominent place in his expression. They reveal even the state of mind of people. Doubt? It is true! Who never frowned when he was angry?

And note well when someone gives a happy laugh. When people laugh they extend in our face revealing the happy expression. Any woman knows the importance of a well-designed eyebrow.
Being with her well-made is relevant at the time of release that look fatal, or charming or seductive. It has bid that does not scroll if the wires are not at whim.

For all this it is that we need to look after them carefully and caprice. For after all, contribute to the harmony of our face, our eyes frame promoting its beauty.

For each type of face one Eyebrow
One thing we do not think and that is on the face, is that we would not be the same without our eyebrows, is not it? Know that each is suited to a particular type of face. These wires, so well arranged and united, living on our eyes, define the design of our face.

The first thing to think about is drawing. Each type of face requires a certain format. An important point that is worth commenting on is that your eyebrow should match your persona, with your way of being. Therefore, notice what looks good for every type of face.

Who has a face:

  • • Rounded – Do not let the thin eyebrow, because it causes the face print further round
    • Ovalado- This type asks arched wires
    • Quadrado- should have a right and ends one curving drawing, a little sharper
    • Largo- never tune in excess. When finishes, they cause more broad forehead print

If your eyes are wide apart and clean the bottom of them and not use them in very arched shape.
If you make your eyebrow for the first time, seek help from a professional. He can make the right design, which later will be easier for you to follow.

Even those who already have a defined design, you may seek to perfect the design. Currently there are many techniques that make your eyebrow a remarkable work of art.
But if you want to do them yourself, see the tips below:

How do Eyebrows

First you must sterilize the tweezers with a little alcohol.

  • • Wash your face with soap and water. Dab. This is good to avoid skin irritation
    • You will need a place with a good mirror, clear, with plenty of light
    • Now it’s time to measure so that the design is correct. Use this for an eyebrow pencil. With it you will measure and score 3 points
    • To the starting point, put the base of the pencil on the nose tab and see where you should start your eyebrow. Check here the first point
    • For the second point put the pencil on the nose tab dobbin and mark where it should be the highest point
    • Continue with the pencil on the nose flap fold and place it diagonally, then marking the point where you must finish your eyebrow
    • Now draw with the pencil eyebrow. A good idea and pass a white pencil on the part where the hair will be removed. This helps in the delineation of the hairs to be pulled by the tweezers
    • Using the tweezers, pulling the wires go. Starting from the outside if you are only cleaning the area. If you are defining a format, first make the inside
    • Comb the brows with a brush, to see where the little hair that lack taking
    • Look in the mirror and cover with pencil, very lightly, the failures that happened were.Swipe and Blur pencils risks, to become more natural

Eyebrow henna & Eyebrow final wire to wire
Currently there are diverse techniques to shape, correct or improve an eyebrow. And it is misleading to think that the result is artificial and forged.

These well done when procedures are the most successful and produce excellent work. They are techniques to modify a look or expression embellishing the face.